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New sheets and blankets

Some of our sheets and blankets are nearing retirement. If you are looking for a way to help the shelter, please consider purchasing a new set of sheets or a blanket for our twin beds. Purchasing through this Amazon link will have the items sent directly to us. http://a.co/gaBzf9u

Two ways to help feed our guests

Do you love knowing you’ve helped people start their day with a full stomach? Here are two ways to get involved. GROCERY GIVER: Grocery Givers sign up to provide a week’s groceries, supplies, and other staples for the shelter. Most suppliers visit the shelter to deliver goods 2 or 3 times during their week and spend […]

Spotlight on…Reese Williams

Reese Williams has volunteered for the evening shift at the Shelter for 3 years! Getting to know you… . “I am a Congressional Flight Attendant with the US Air Force–our primary client is the First Lady of the USA, but we also serve Speaker of the House, Congressmen, Diplomats and Attaches.” Has visited a total of […]