Board Chair, Friends of Falls Church Homeless Shelter, Bob Fletcher

Board of Directors

Friends of Falls Church Homeless Shelter, Board of Directors.
L to R: Doug Cook, Don Shields, Tom Herd, Pat Derwinski, Bob Fletcher, Stacy Nahrwold, Brandon Alexander, Rick Johannson
Not pictured: Meredith Morrison, Rob Muniz, Theron Kelso, Pastor James Page, Martha Mothershead

Robert Fletcher, Chair
Theron Kelso, Vice Chair
Thomas Herd, Treasurer
Pat Derwinski, Recording Secretary
Meredith Morrison, Secretary
Brandon Alexander
Doug Cook
Rick Johannsen
Martha Mothershead
Roberto Muniz
Stacey Nahrwold
Pastor James Page
Don Shields

Hannah Jordan, Executive Director, Falls Church Homeless Shelter


Hannah Jordan, Executive Director
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