Meet Alexcia, shelter case manager

Our case manager, Alexcia, has been working with the Falls Church Homeless Shelter for almost five years. When you meet her you immediately sense how much she genuinely cares for our guests, and our guests sense it, too. She emanates a warmth and compassion that puts them at ease and allows them to trust her. These qualities are critical to breaking the barriers that sometimes prevent people experiencing homelessness from breaking the cycle of homelessness and finding more permanent housing. As the season ended this year, we asked Alexciato reflect on her role.

“The most important thing I do is listen. I know it sounds simple, but it is needed. Sometimes people need to vent and get their frustrations out before they accept help or even trust you. I try and connect with the residents and remind them that homelessness does not have a look, it could happen to any of us.  Residents usually say they can see that I care and put effort into what I do for them.  I enjoy making a difference in someone’s life and see them transition to their next phase.”