Thank You for a Great Season

Thank you for the many acts of kindness that helped make the world a little brighter for our guests. You should see the smiles on our guests who moved into housing this year. You helped make it happen! One guest is holding the keys to his new apartment for the first time and he can hardly contain his joy! Why should he? He’s worked hard all season long to better his situation, and with the help of our awesome cadre of staff and volunteers, he was able to move into his own apartment just days before the shelter closed in March. This is what we work towards every day and why we invite you to continue partnering with us to make it all happen. Together, we can do great things!

Another season is in the books! But rest assured, even though our doors closed on April 1st, our case manager, Alexcia, along with our housing and employment specialists from New Hope Housing, will continue to work with our guests in the off season to help them better their lives. In fact, we work with our former guests for up to two years after exiting our shelter. So, don’t be fooled by the empty parking lot at the shelter. We are working behind the scenes to make things happen.  See you next season!