We're hiring!

Job Opportunity — Executive Director — Part Time Paid Position

15-18 hours/week November to March; 2-5 hours week April to October

HOW TO APPLY:  Please submit your resume and a cover letter addressed to the Board Chair explaining your background, interest in the position and your motivations in applying for the position to contact@fcshelter.org.  Be sure to indicate your residential address and contact information.

The Board of Directors of the Shelter is now seeking a part-time Executive Director for the Shelter.  Among other duties, the Executive Director will be responsible for:

General operations

  • Work closely with NHH to coordinate day-to-day operations.
  • During operating season, regularly visit shelter during operating hours and be available to come to the shelter otherwise as needed.
  • Receive and review daily shift summaries and weekly reports from the NHH Coordinator and Case Manager. Follow-up on any issues of concern; coordinate with Board members when issues need attention.
  • Oversee data collection: make sure NHH Coordinator and Case Manager complete timely data entry; oversee the production of season-end report and provide highlights to fundraising committee; coordinate with fundraising committee for timely submission to City, per grant requirements.
  • Monitor multiple Shelter email accounts and respond in timely manner to volunteer requests, donation questions, and other inquiries.
  • Attend monthly meetings with City staff during the Shelter season to report on shelter activities and respond to their concerns.
  • In case of severe weather, coordinate with City to extend Shelter hours and with NHH to staff those hours.
  • Conduct post-season review with NHH staff about strengths and weaknesses of the season.
  • Working with the Volunteer Coordinator, coordinate volunteer tasks during the operating season, including set up schedules on signup.com for shifts, meals, groceries, and opening supervisor. Monitor sign-ups for cancellations; notify volunteer pool in case of last-minute needs; oversee food supplies and donations for Shelter; coordinate and oversee donations of supplies to the Shelter.
  • Recruit new shift volunteers before season starts, schedule and participate in volunteer training sessions with NHH.
  • Communicate standard procedures to volunteers for the relevant tasks.
  • Conduct guest satisfaction surveys during the season and share the results with the Board.
  • Thank all volunteers at close of season, via written thank you messages and/or volunteer appreciation event.

Facilities and maintenance:

  • Work with the Board and the City of Falls Church when repairs or safety issues arise; submit trouble/maintenance tickets to the City.
  • Coordinate ongoing needs, such as pre- and post-season cleaning, inventory, etc., with various volunteer groups and Board/committee members.


  • Ensure that the shelter website, social media presence (Facebook, Twitter), and email contact list are kept up to date.
  • Attend regular board meetings; more frequent phone calls or meetings with Executive Committee as requested; prepare weekly operations summaries to Executive Committee during season.
  • Represent Shelter at key events as needed (Taste of Falls Church Fall Festival; Memorial Day Fair, etc.).
  • Ensure communication materials and brochures are up to date and in good condition.
  • Work with the Executive Committee of the Board on operational issues, draft the Annual Report and present it to the Board in September for approval.
  • Draft new content for the website, social media, and emails as appropriate (for example, success stories).

Guest Assistance:

  • Coordinate with NHH case manager when guests have special needs.
  • Get Board executive committee approval for special expenses on a case-by-case basis.
  • Work with Guest Assistance board member to help guests with furniture, supplies, start-up groceries for new housing.
  • Coordinate with NHH and Board regarding any needed medical or dental support for guests.


  • Provide support to the main fundraising events each year (annual letter writing campaign; Shelter Ride; Gala; Dine Out days and other events).
  • Work with Treasurer and Board to ensure donor database is kept up to date.

The successful candidate will have the following qualifications and qualities:

  • Able to work independently
  • Management level experience, preferably in the non-profit sector
  • Good communication skills who can work with multiple types of contacts
  • Strong basic computer and internet skills (Word, Excel, Google, Mailchimp, Signup.com, etc.)
  • Outgoing personality who likes to meet new people and make new connections on behalf of the shelter
  • Good writing skills with the ability to develop compelling communication materials on the shelter and its successes
  • Experience working with or volunteering for a non-profit, especially the homeless or provision of social services
  • Local resident of the Falls Church area who is able to come to the shelter on short notice to deal with issues during the operating season.

A one-year commitment is required, with opportunities to continue from year-to-year based on performance, as decided in June of each year.  Start date July, 2019 or earlier. 

The compensation for this position is negotiable, starting at an hourly rate of $30/hour or greater (depending on experience) or at a monthly salary that will be higher during the operational months (November to March) and lower during the off season (April to October).  The successful applicant will be considered an independent contractor.

We're hiring!