Giving Tuesday is here!

The Holiday Season is Fast Approaching! But first…#GivingTuesday!

This year, before the holidays are in full swing, and before you and I hurry to the mall to buy non-essentials for the people we love, let’s ask ourselves how we will incorporate more love, acceptance and good will into our life this holiday season and in the coming year. And if your life is over-scheduled and you’re afraid you won’t have the time to follow through on all your kindness goals, we can help you out. Why not partner with us–The Falls Church Homeless Shelter–an organization whose very mission it is to promote kindness and give hope to single individuals who are experiencing homelessness every day? Giving everyday-and not just on Tuesdays-is what we are all about. We remain intentional about our kindness goals every step of the way, but we need a partner like you to help us make it all come together. Consider giving on #GivingTuesday to our shelter–a shelter that has been giving back to its community since 1995. Click here to make a donation today! And check out our website for more ways you can support our mission and make giving a more integral part of your everyday life.

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